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Dragon Age: Grimnir

Highborn Dwarf
Warrior 1

Communication 0
Constitution  3
Cunning 0
Magic 0
Perception 2
Strength 4 (intimidate)
Willpower 2 (courage)

Defense: 12/A13/14(shield)/15(A+shield)
Armor: 7
Speed 7
HP 39

Weapon groups: Brawling, Axes, Bows, Spears

Armor training novice: You can wear leather and mail armor without suffering a penalty to Dexterity.
Weapon an shield style novice: You can use shields of all shapes and sizes. You get the full Defense  bonus when using a shield.
Single weapon style novice: You can fght effectively wielding only a single-handed melee weapon. Fighting with a single weapon demands increased awareness. If you take the activate action, you gain a +1 Defense bonus until the end of the encounter while fghting in this style.
Language: Speak and read Dwarven and Trade Tongue.

Traveler’s garb
Crossbow (2k6+3)
Spear (k6+7)
Battleaxe (2k6+4)
5 silver pieces
2x quiver
Medium shield
Heavy mail

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