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Dragon Age: Nelli

Circle mage (elf)
Mage 1

Communication 1
Constitution  2
Cunning 2 (arcane lore, healing)
Dexterity  1
Magic 4
Perception 1 (seeing)
Strength 0
Willpower 2

Defense: 11
Armor: 0
Speed 13
HP 27
Mana points: 19
Spellpower 14

Weapon groups: Brawling, Staves

Arcane Lance: Mages learn to focus magical power through a staff or wand. If you are holding a quarterstaff or a wand, you can make  a  special  ranged  attack  that damages  foes with  a lance of magical energy. This is resolved like a normal ranged  attack (so stunts are possible), but the attack roll  is a Magic (Arcane Lance) test. An arcane lance has a range of 16 yards and inficts 1d6 + Magic damage. It requires no mana points to make this attack.
Chirurgy novice: You  can  treat wounds  and  illnesses. You have trained in the art of chirurgy and your aid is swift and sure. Heal is a minor action for you.
Spells: Mind Blast, Heal, Rock Armor

Traveler’s garb           
Quarterstaff (d6+1)
Healer’s kit
Ink and paper
10x Candle
113 silver pieces

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