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Dragon Age: Janene

Warrior 1

Communication 2
Constitution  2
Cunning 1
Dexterity  2
Magic 1
Perception 1
Strength 3 (climbing, might)
Willpower 1

Defense: 12
Armor: 7
Speed 9
HP 38

Weapon groups: Brawling, Axes, Bows, Spears

Two-hander style novice: You are deadly with two-handed melee weapons. The  length of your weapon and  the power of your attacks forces foes to yield ground. When you hit with  a melee  attack with  a  two-handed weapon, you  can move the target 2 yards in any direction.
Armor training novice: You can wear leather and mail armor without suffering a penalty to Dexterity.
Thrown weapon style novice: You are adept with throwing weapons. Your accuracy is uncanny. You gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with throwing weapons.
Language: Speak Trade Tongue.

Traveler’s garb           
Longbow (k6+4)
4x Throwing spear (k6+6)
Two-handed axe (3k6+3)
62 silver pieces

Heavy mail

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